Monday, 11 August 2014

I'd love to visit : Edinburgh

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I usually have a couple of city getaways planned throughout the year. It may be decadent, but a couple of nights exploring a new place does just the job to feel like a break without having to sacrifice too many holiday days. Next on my "to-visit" list is Edinburgh!
Downtown EdinburghEast Princes Street Gardens, EdinburghSunset EdinburghEdinburgh's Scott Monument AKA the Gothic Rocket
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It definitely helps if you stumble across an album of beautiful photography on Flickr, but I see so many gorgeous shots of Edinburgh I would love to visit myself. If you're feeling inspired to head up North this year, you can look up Edinburgh hotels on Hotel Direct, which we used preparing for our jaunt to Liverpool in November, which I'm incredibly excited about!

Some of the things I've read about (this guide to free things to do in the city, is really great) which I'd like to do are:
  • Royal Botanical Gardens Probably half of my time in Sheffield was spent in their Botanical Gardens, so having a wander around here would be a must-visit.
  • St Giles Cathedral London is known for its prestigious religious sites, but from what I've seen, this cathedral looks like fair competition - and I'd love to explore it.
  • Carlton Hill Widely regarded as one of the best views of the city, I'd have to get to the top of this for the photo opportunities and the fresh air. Think of the panorama!
  • Arthur's Seat I wouldn't be doing my family justice by not following their lead of years of hill-climbing holidays, if I didn't get to the top of this. The fact that it is on site of a volcano is a bonus point - my inner Geographer is squeeing at the possibility!
  • Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art Last but by no means least, I've tried to visit at least one gallery in every city I've visited, so Edinburgh would be no different. It would have a tough task to beat the Venice Guggenheim though!

Have you got any city breaks planned? Or have you already been to Edinburgh? If so - leave me your recommendations below!

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  1. I agree, I'd love to visit Edinburgh myself. Looks so beautiful, plus I know what you mean about the holiday days - nothing like a long weekend away :) xxx

  2. I would love to visit Edinburgh too, it looks so beautiful :) xx

  3. I live only an hour away from Edinburgh and visit there regularly. I'm actually going there next week to see a show that's part of the Edinburgh Fringe! Edinburgh is really beautiful. I'd recommend lots of layers though as it often has a very cold wind that penetrates the city. Arthur's seat is definitely worth the climb as it gives a fantastic view of the whole of Edinburgh. Also the Royal Mile is great for wee shops and restaurants. There is also a place near the top of the mile near the castle that is an illusion museum that shows many different illusions and is very interactive. I can't remember the name of the place but is a great fun place to visit. Also if you're into architecture having a tour of the Scottish parliament building is a good shout because the tour allows you to appreciate the symbolism behind the controversial design. Hope you have a great time when you visit!

  4. I wish I could go to visit Ediburgh, its such a beautiful city and nice view! :)


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