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Cocktails & Kitchen | Vodka Revolution

When you think of somewhere relaxed, cosy and with a downright delicious menu, I doubt a vodka bar would be on your shortlist, right? When I was contacted by Revolution with an offer to try out their brand new menu, I was sceptical. A cocktail menu? Curiosity got the better of me, and in just a couple of hours my perception of ol' Revs has been, well, revolutionised.

Cocktails & Kitchen | Vodka Revolution
Cocktails & Kitchen | Vodka Revolution
Cocktails & Kitchen | Vodka Revolution
Cocktails & Kitchen | Vodka Revolution
Cocktails & Kitchen | Vodka Revolution

Revolution, or Vodka Revs as it was affectionately known in my uni days, would be my go to for a reliable cocktail after payday. The one in Sheffield was very dingy; not really my sort of place, but it had its uses.

Looking at the above photos though and you'll see just why I had no problem chilling out in here for a few hours last week. It's so light and fresh but still retains that individual feel (the Leicester branch is a former church, and it definitely has an industrial grandeur style). I even found myself looking around and wondering what the fixtures and fittings would look like in my own home!

I dare you not to look at this menu and mentally plan out three-course-meals. I sampled the Butterfly Prawns and the Pulled Pork Burger (and later in the week, the Mezze Platter), and my goodness, it definitely hit the spot for tasty after work dinner. I'm still thinking about that burger, if I'm honest.

Prices are really reasonable - happy hour cocktails after 5pm are around the seven pound mark for two, and a classic burger with all the trimmings will set you back £6.75. If you're a fan of Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds, Bungalows and Bears in Sheffield, or Spanky Van Dykes in Nottingham - this will appeal!

Thank you to the whole Revolution team at New Walk in Leicester for such an excellent evening. Though I dined for free, you can't mug off a true burger fan - all opinions are true, and my own.

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P.S. Congrats also to my lady Katy who won the Urban Outfitters competition last week! I had quite a few excellent entries and it was a tough task to judge, but in the end Miss Mittens' outfit post was super wearable with a bit of an edge to it - a true UO girl in my eyes.

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