Thursday, 4 September 2014


Urban Outfitters style fashion blogger outfit post

Rummaging through my wardrobe at the weekend, I stumbled across this leopard print satchel which I bought waaaay back in the early days of this little blog! It was when I was obsessed with a certain lady seen carrying a similar one that I thought "I need a leopard print Alexa dupe in my life".

In many ways I am not at all a hoarder - my tastes are fickle and eBay is my best friend. At other times, however, I find myself smiling at the corduroy jacket I'll never again wear, tippex on the lapel but still smelling like that Maximo Park gig when I was 16.

This bag fits under the latter category. I will never, ever, let it go.

Urban Outfitters style fashion blogger outfit postUrban Outfitters style fashion blogger outfit postUrban Outfitters style fashion blogger outfit post
Coral pink jumper - H&M
Leopard print satchel bag - eBay
Grey knitted joggers - Next
Blue and white sandals - c/o Dolcis

It's nowhere near as robust as it's Mulberry inspiration, but it's not a bad effort. I love how haphazard this outfit is - nothing really goes together and that's exactly how I like it.

Whodathunk I'd be a joggers girl either? This pair are new from Next, and were a snip at £26. I've always loved the idea of tapered jersey and heels (like these beauts from Dolcis), it's very off-duty Paris which I fail miserably to pull off, but you've always got to have aspirations, right?

Today I went to the new Urban Outfitters launch in Leicester, which is dangerously close to where I work. It's a lovely little store and shopping at High Cross is so underestimated next to the retail giants Nottingham and Birmingham. Definitely worth a visit. I'll blog about this properly later in the week!

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