Sunday, 7 September 2014


The Language of Love

Spending the weekend with these two has been just lovely! They're my favourites from my time at university, and though I graduated two years ago we still see each other loads. Andy and Hannah were my linchpins in Sheffield; there for me when I needed to giggle, dance and forget about anything that was bothering me.

Despite living close to my family and in Liam's pockets, I've always wanted to spend as much time as possible with my friends. It doesn't need to be for serious reasons - today we sat in our pyjamas, ate bacon sandwiches and scoffed at Don't Tell The Bride. I don't need to be anyone else around them, or pretend to enjoy things I don't, or explain myself when I want to just sit quietly.

I love my friends (and also these two in particular) just as much as I love my boy, and my family. There really is no separating them. Unlike this La Redoute campaign, which I'll admit tugged at my heart strings, we all speak the same language, but maybe we don't tell each other enough that we care?

Isn't this absolutely adorable? We say "I love you" to friends and partners all of the time (or at least should!) but friends often miss that vocal acknowledgement that life just wouldn't be the same without them. It has only made me sit at home feeling sad that my favourite northerners have left me, but I'm safe in the knowledge I'll see them soon.

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