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Totally Flowers flower arranging course

It's symptomatic of being out of education for a few years now, but lately I've been starting to feel a little bit like I don't learn anything any more. Of course this is completely ridiculous as I'm only a junior in my career, really, and every day in PR can bring its own unique challenges.

Still, the "student" life is something I very much miss (and not just because of the extra sleep). Everyone needs to feel inspired by someone more enthused, more experienced, and more passionate than they, and this time last week I met one such lady who truly made me feel like the world was my oyster.

Whodathunk it from a simple flower arranging afternoon, eh?

Totally Flowers flower arranging courseTotally Flowers flower arranging course

Yes, this is my "I can't believe how much fun I'm having sticking twigs in oasis" face.

After a fraught few weeks of stressful late nights at work and missing my pals, Katy and I sat down and thought, y'know what? Let's do something fun. We realised we both shared a lot of craft and flower arranging was something we'd dabbled at a little (read: bought some cheap bunches from the local supermarket and shoved them in a vase).

A quick Google of floristry day courses in the Midlands brought us to Totally Flowers, an independent company run by the lovely Susan who trained at Brooksby College after wanting to shake her life up a little bit. It sounded inspiring (and at just under £50 each not bad at all for a day out) so we booked ourselves on the Vintage Table Centre afternoon and counted down the days until October. No experience required, we hoped!

Totally Flowers flower arranging courseTotally Flowers flower arranging courseTotally Flowers flower arranging courseTotally Flowers flower arranging courseTotally Flowers flower arranging course

It turned out to be one of the nicest afternoons I've had all year. Susan welcomed us into her lovely home, with offerings of tea, sandwiches, and as many cakes as we could manage. We had a cuddle with her 18-year-old cat, a huge chat about opportunities you are thrown in life, and created a beautiful vintage table centre piece, entirely on our own. Well, almost.

Having never gone near a block of Oasis in my life, and almost zero luck with keeping house plants alive for longer than a couple of weeks, my expectations were low. I was worried I'd be rubbish, but in reality I feel like I did rather well! My minimal knowledge that you chop the ends off on a diagonal was about as much as you needed to get you started, and Susan was such a fab teacher you found yourself soaking up the tips without even realising.

Flower arranging turned out to be a revelation for me. I had a big grin permanently plastered on my face, and now I truly understand why people adore it so much. It has made me think about what I enjoy most, and what I'm good at. It turns out my love of craftiness hasn't left me. Though I won't be joining a WI anytime soon, you've not seen the last of me, Oasis.

We booked this course entirely off our own backs, and yet I have never been more keen to promote something on this here blog of mine. If you're in the Midlands I would truly recommend you checking this lady out!

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