Monday, 3 November 2014


Dinosaur jumper on Jazzpad | Fashion blogger

I am writing this all of the way from my new house!! Well, sort of. We’re currently sans internet – that awkward communications black hole where two people living together actually have to talk to each other.

If you’ve been following my Instagram you will have seen our new house is a little bigger than before, complete with second bedroom and the sweetest little garden (see above!) I grew up in the countryside so to have a patch of green makes a huge difference. I also have more windows – hello sunshine! – and super friendly neighbours. Maureen, left, and Kevin, right.

Dinosaur jumper on Jazzpad | Fashion blogger
Dinosaur jumper on Jazzpad | Fashion blogger
Dinosaur jumper on Jazzpad | Fashion blogger
Dinosaur jumper - c/o Oasap
Silver t-shirt dress - ASOS
White high top trainers - Reebok

Due to this huge upheaval you’re going to have to forgive me if blogging becomes a bit sporadic. It’s not my full time job (more on how blogging has helped my career though, later this week) and I think aesthetic silliness just like this outfit reflects my attitude towards how we express ourselves in the broader sense. Looking a certain way or trying to give off a certain impression doesn’t really matter, in the grand scheme of things.

And now, when our TV isn’t working and there’s a possibility of a flooded downstairs bathroom, that’s what I’ll keep in the forefront of our minds. We have a roof over our heads, smiles on our faces, and food in our bellies – what more could you need?

House tour soon folks, when I’ve swept away all of the cobwebs, I promise!

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