Friday, 21 November 2014


Rose print jumper fashion blogger

Being a Yes Girl has its downsides. As well as being knackered pretty much 24/7, I live in a perpetual state of "what if I miss out on the best opportunity of my life?" It's agony. As you get a little older, though, you realise you don't have to be one or the other, it's ok to change your mind and give things a miss because you're falling asleep in your lunch. You are not being a let down.

Despite knowing this, I still don't like letting things pass me by. When I couldn't make the Chiara Fashion blogger shoot last month, I beat myself up about it a little bit, and then compromised to shoot a piece in my free time. Cue this snuggly jumper which has fit seamlessly into my wardrobe of maroons and navy.

Rose print jumper fashion bloggerRose print jumper fashion bloggerRose print jumper fashion bloggerRose print jumper fashion blogger
Leather jacket - French Connection
Fedora - H&M
Rose jumper - c/o Chiara Fashion
Cord skirt - Asda
Black boots - c/o Dolcis

On a late night trip to Asda for cake (yes?) I spotted this wraparound cord skirt in their George section and immediately knew they would be perfect partners. I love the little buckle detailing on the side and though it does need a good iron (which is packed up where, exactly?) it'll be really transitional into Spring.

Quite a short blog this morning as I've packed my bags and have caught a train to Liverpool for the weekend with the boy. I'm super excited to have tickets for John Grant on the Saturday night, and then the rest of the time we'll probably eat, shop, eat again, and avoid Beatles memorabilia. I cannot wait.

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