Thursday, 1 January 2015


2014 fashion blogger outfits roundup - January-April

Another year, another outfit post round up! I'm not really one for resolutions - aside from reading more and getting my legs running again - but I quite enjoy looking back and seeing how things have changed.

This time last year, I was living in my little flat, working flat out on my blog and everything that came with it. I was going to press days left, right and centre. I have worked with Marks & Spencer, ASOS, French Connection and more. I was paid to review a music festival. I grew my hair, dyed my hair, cut my hair and shaved it off. 2014 was an excellent year.
2014 fashion blogger outfits roundup - May-August2014 fashion blogger outfits roundup - September-December

Twelve months on and my priorities have changed. I started clearing more of my headspace for work (simultaneously rewarding and making me forget what I enjoyed outside of the 9-5). I said 'yes' to fewer opportunities that weren't an absolute no-brainer, and spent less time on the internet - but more time with my family. I moved house, went to Croatia with my best friends, bought a pair of walking boots and actually used them. 2014 was the year when things started to make sense.

And so, January is here already and I find myself excited about what the next year will bring. I've given up predicting what will happen, because if I've learned anything it's that a chance encounter can completely change your world. I would like to think there will be more fun stuff on the horizon, more laughs, more music and more clothes. Because, away from it all, this little blog of mine has been the most wonderful respite, and though I'll never have the most followers or the highest stats, it's a space that I've worked hard for - and long may it continue.

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