Monday, 12 January 2015


Big midi skirt, check shirt, patent boots, outfit post

Well, if I don't feel like Sophie in this skirt! I normally shy away from such girlish styles but if being a blogger achieves anything, it's the license to experiment a little bit. I mean, this is a helluva lot of fabric, but if it means I have a well cushioned tush on my morning train commute, well, bonus.

Big midi skirt, check shirt, patent boots, outfit postBig midi skirt, check shirt, patent boots, outfit postBig midi skirt, check shirt, patent boots, outfit postBig midi skirt, check shirt, patent boots, outfit post
Structured pleated skirt - c/o Oasap
Printed shirt - c/o Rare London
Silver bracelet - Christmas gift
Patent boots - Matalan

I've been staring here at a blank page for thirty minutes now wondering what else to write. I've never felt like I've had to have a digital voice (there are enough outspoken people on Twitter for that), and saying something for saying's sake is pointless. After a while, you can only say "I like this skirt" a certain number of times before it all starts blurring into one. It's just boring.

Where did we come from, these "bloggers"? We're not fashion victims. We don't have the same opinions and the same brand loyalties. We certainly don't have the same tastes, the same bodies or the same careers. I'm more interested in what's underneath the clothes... Not like that. Ahem.

This week, I've not blogged too much because I've been saving the majority of my headspace for real life. This new job really has changed my life - it feels like everything is upside down. Which is what I needed, really. It does you good to have a change. I've been to new places and laughed with new faces. I've had new ideas and new jokes and new holidays and it's brilliant.

So if I want to wear a ridiculously big skirt that gets in the way when I'm trying to get through the train barriers - that is fine. Because, ultimately, clothes are only the shell, only the disguise that protects us against the elements and sets us up to tackle the day. I won't be concerned about what other people think (have I ever, really?) That is why I love dressing up, because it's just the first decision in a long line of exciting, daily choices in a year that is going to be frigging excellent.

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