Monday, 5 January 2015



I never thought I'd be the girl to wear tracksuit bottoms out of the house. Even as a student, I'd scoff at those lazy enough to wear their slacks to lectures. I mean - elasticated waist...

Don't get me wrong, I still love my skinny jeans, but there's something rather nice about the relaxed fit. It turns out, like this pair from Next which I absolutely live in these days, they're incredibly easy to wear with pretty much everything on my floor in my wardrobe.

Sparkly top - New Look
Grey joggers - c/o Leggsington
Silver heels - Dorothy Perkins

When you're having to run for a train (like I did today, on my first day to my new job, bloody typical) this is the kind of outfit you want to be wearing, right? I think this top is also the best tenner I've ever spent. I've thrown it over a chiffon skirt for new year, worn it with jeans at the weekend and here, to jazz up jersey. Bravo, New Look.

So 2015 is starting off rather well. I can't get this ridiculous grin off my face. I've got weekends away filling up my diary, a brilliant new job in a wonderful new city, and an inbox which is already full of fun plans, hopefully involving a few of my favourite ladies. Saying that, I haven't read any blogs all Christmas, so I am hugely due a catch up with all of you lot! Leave me your links because with my new commute I'm going to need some serious distraction this week...

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