Sunday, 1 February 2015



Whoops, two weeks without posting again, this is becoming something of a habit. I think my hobbies have changed slightly. Last year I was blogging almost every day, whereas these days I'm reading much more (follow my list here). Funnily enough, my new work mates have noticed just how many clothes I have. You can take a girl out of one job... etc etc etc.

A-line mac - c/o Warehouse
Red jumper - H&M
Black denim jeans - H&M
Patent loafers - ASOS

This is something a little smarter, isn't it? When Warehouse got in touch to see if I'd like to review one of their coats (and by god, what good timing too), my heart instantly locked onto this mac. I used to have a very similar belted one, but it was one of those purchases you make when you're 16, when you spend all of your money on clothes and don't save for council tax - which I'm still fairly guilty of, to this day. It was two sizes too big for me, a little bit darker than this, and I never wore it. I know. Maybe I didn't feel grown up enough.

This one, conversely, is pretty damn perfect. It's snug on the arms, but not too bulky. I've been wearing it with my cosiest new red chunky jumper from H&M. I bought it after saying goodbyes to one of my favourites, because it was nice and bright, so in that small way it perked me up. Who says shopping doesn't fill an emotional void?

This week, I'm giving everything my all. I mean it. At work, with my mates - we spend too much time living a half-arsed life, and I'm not having it any more. I've got a blog post brewing in the back of my mind about how to take your life back when you feel like it doesn't belong to you any more. I read this via Ella and I was nodding all of the way through it. Pick it up, ladies. Set the bar.

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